22 hp predator surface drive

In addition, a mud motor that runs on a lawn mower engine is easier for me to maintain myself as apposed to me having to pay someone to do maintenance on an outboard which would end up constantly clogged with mud, grass, and the body parts of my victims.

So, I priced a new mud motor with an engine ranging in horsepower from 6. And guess what? I decided that there must be a cheaper alternative. So, I got started figuring out the best way to begin building my own. Deciding on The Method:. First, I priced the materials I would need to build my own. However, along the way I discovered that there were kits available for purchase that required no welding or fitting of parts. Plus, the kits are almost guaranteed to be of better quality than I could build on my first try, in addition to being accompanied by some form of warranty.

As Mrs. So, Which Mud Motor Kit? When I did an internet search I kept coming up with the same three outfits in the United States that provide mud motor kits. All three are imported from Thailand, so on the outside they looked to be very similar. However, the purpose of this series of articles is to show the reader the differences between these three kits so that the consumer can have an unbiased review of the three choices facing that U. Arranged in the order that I received a kit for testing, the three long tail mud motor kits are as follows:.

Beaver Damn Mud Runners :. I sent an email to Beaver Dam Mud Motors asking if I could talk to someone about reviewing one of their mud motor kits. We ended up on the phone. So, recently the mud motor kit from Beaver Dam Mud Runners arrived in the mail after its journey from Memphis, Tennessee. While doing my research and before contacting the company, I saw pictures of the product online.

When it arrived, the first thing that I noticed was how solid and heavy duty the materials were compared to the pictures I saw online.

This is going to be a Beaver Dam good build! Swamp Runner Mud Motors :. This dude knows mud motors, and loves the outdoors. His history, and the history of his product are interwoven, and has become part of his profession, and personal life. I like to deal with a guy who is sure of his product. He basically told me that he already knew the results that my review, and side-by-side comparison would reveal.

He told me that he was glad to have a chance to have an non-interested party test all three kits, and post the results. In fact, he was so sure that he was down for whatever the blackwater swamps and brackish marshes of South Louisiana could dish out. I fully intend to go through the entire build process, and test this thing by putting it through its paces. The Swamp Runner kit arrived a short time ago at the end of its journey westward from Palmetto, Florida to rest along side the Beaver Dam kit, and ready for duty.

Swamp Skipper supplies kits to the U. Not your jovial, hooded, cross burning variety, this is the other KKK. Apparently KKK in Thailand has a different meaning. Anywho, I sent an email to Swamp Skipper inquiring about doing a review on their kit, and they replied back promptly.

Frugal…I like that, however I was quickly informed that I was not going to be eating at the cool kid table at lunch. With my tail between my legs I purchased one of their kits from ebay, and after a few magic words, and a UPS driver with really sexy shorts, I now have all three of my long tail mud motor kits in my possession and ready for review!

The Engine:. Next, I purchased a horizontal shaft 6.For this surface drive boat we combined the best elements of the Extreme Series and the Savage Series to produce a boat that is capable of running rivers and lakes as well as the marsh.

It features a inch side height, T-Lock gunnels, and a bottom that is designed for increased turning capabilities. It is available in stick steer, console, and tiller driven options. Deck Options Watch the Video. Watch the Video.

22 hp predator surface drive

Lighting Options Watch the Video. Inquire about this boat Watch the Video. See More Photos.

Mud Skipper surface drive 22hp Predator setup and info

Pricing and Info For this surface drive boat we combined the best elements of the Extreme Series and the Savage Series to produce a boat that is capable of running rivers and lakes as well as the marsh.

Every feature you need. Available Widths 50 inches. Available Lengths 17 Ft 18 Ft. One Piece. GatorTail Predator Series. Console Grab Bar Watch the Video. Stick Steer Call for Price. Flat Bow Standard. Standard Transom Standard Watch the Video. Gator Brown Standard. Sand Grit Standard Watch the Video. Led Nav Standard Watch the Video. Front Hatch Standard. Resources Videos. Ready to build your dream Gator-Tail?

Contact Us Call Us.Home Dealers Motors Contact. We were able to meet an incredible amount of people that love our product. We were able to meet people that drove from other states just to look at a boat motor in person. I can't wait for the responses from this show!!! There were a lot of other Copperhead loyalists that brought people to us that will be hitting the water soon. Thank you to everyone for the support! View Gallery. Be the first to hear about upcoming events and specials.

The first surface drive motor built under 9 Horsepower. Copperhead is the first mud motor company to design and engineer a true surface drive mud motor. Light weight and powerful for those who love to hunt and fish the shallow back waters. At Copperhead we put customer service first and foremost and we understand that well done is better than well said.

Copperhead is constantly doing research and development to bring the best products possible to our customers. Take a look at the videos and keep coming back to see what s new at Copperhead. We look forward to meeting you. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact us.Our frames are custom built to perfectly house the engine you choose.

We have designed every aspect of our Mud Motors, not only to handle the horse power you need, but to ensure the safety and reliability you expect from a custom built power source for your boat of choice. All of our motors employ a synchronized belt reduction system and below are your power house options. Please Contact Us for complete pricing and frame options We can use a variety of motors to fit your use and budget.

Call us at for more information or to place your order! This gasoline engine has gas-saving overhead valves for cooler, cleaner performance and longer life.

Home About Products Gallery Contact. Boat size recommendation Jon Boat Speeds jon boat 28mph one man light gear. Overhead Valve OHV Float Carb Electric start 27 mph on a Tracker Jon Boat Learn more about this featured engine here Dura-Bore cast iron cylinder sleeve for extended life Maintenance-free Magnetron electronic ignition for quick and dependable starting Automatic Oil Guard low oil engine shutdown Learn more about this featured engine here.

Compact v-twin design for more power in a smaller footprint Durable cast iron cylinder withstands wear and abuse Electric start Fuel shut off for safe transport This gasoline engine delivers more power in less space than similar displacement standard twins.

Upgraded engineering and construction for improved lifespan Durable cast iron cylinder withstands wear and abuse User-friendly controls for easy starting and operation Low oil sensor shuts down engine when oil reaches a level that is too low for safe operation Fuel shut off for safe transport This gasoline engine has gas-saving overhead valves for cooler, cleaner performance and longer life.Users browsing this forum: Majestic [Bot]riverratdm84 and guests.

I am brand new to this site, and I run a small fab shop. I am pleased with the speeds MPHbut I am really wanting to change it up some. I Feel that if I were to be running a 23 copperhead, I could be bumping 30, and would like to get there in a build if possible. I have found one really good thread by fowllife08 and his aluminum build. I was already considering building it out of aluminum for weight saving, and this looked really good.

One thing that I have yet to find is someone that made one, and used a clutch. This is my biggest reason that I want to get away from a longtail. I guess my main questions are: What clutch? What gear ratio? What timing belt? What prop? Thank you in advance for any information! This isn't what you asked, but I'll provide some thoughts, feedback, and opinion.

Building an Inexpensive Mud Motor

I continually talk highly of the 22hp predator. I put one on a Backwater Inc.

22 hp predator surface drive

It ran similar speeds to yours on a 14x42 Alweld. I by-passed the governor, cleaned up the intake, cleaned up the exhaust. It holds ish RPM in the water. It has approx. The starter was grinding due to the bendix not fully engaging.I have nothing but positives to bring back from this trip and would highly recommend you to others We were very pleased with our experience using Nordic Visitor.

Everything went smoothly, the accomodations were comfortable and clean, and the transportation services excellent. We truly enjoyed our time in Norway seeing your beautiful country. This was the first time we had used this type of service as we usually do all our travel planning and bookings ourselves. It took the stress and worry out of our trip and so we had a much improved experience of 'drive yourself'.

We found we could relax and enjoy our holiday and we maximised our time in country. We were very happy with all arrangements made by Maria and had NO ISSUES at any venue - suberb. We will definitely do this again in the future as our experience was so positive. Nordic Visitor exceeded our expectations for booking and travel in Iceland. We were well informed prior to even going on our trip about what to expect and how to plan for our travels.

We were encouraged to ask questions about any concerns that we had, and we were given very timely responses in return. Documents were emailed to us in advance regarding highlights and suggested activities. We were even sent documents on how to prepare for unexpected weather conditions and driving the ring road.

Everything was paid for in advance, and all we nosler accubond 165 grain 308 review to do was show our vouchers for taxi services, rental car, accommodations, etc. Nordic Visitor made sure that we were well prepared and gave us temporary mobile phone usage, and provided us with maps and atlases that highlighted lifan 270cc accommodations and suggested travel routes.

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You can vary your bundle month by month to suit your requirements. Tello run on Three network, who have really upped their game in recent years.

Never had a problem with getting a signal. Not a heavy user and Tello is ideal for me and the automatic payment when my credit is low means I never run out. Works well for me.

22 hp predator surface drive

Thanks Easy to set up and easy to use. Very good competitive prices. Simple to check remaining credit when on pay as you go.

Can't fault the service. I joined TELLO early last year because Its one of the lowest cost servicesI joined TELLO early last year because I could just have Pay As You go with out any monthly plan payments. TELLO changed this so now I have to have a plan. Perfect for my mother who does not use data. Great customer service also. How nice to have a NO Hassle service provider, unlike others who only want to sell you this week's latest phone.

When you have a question you ring, they answer promptly and away you go with an answer. Convenient for me it renew every month. Good price for which I dont use much data I can choose the right suitable package for me. Initially very happy but the recent price hike has made me request my PAC code. As soon as my new SIM arrives I'm leaving to go to a rival network.

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Consultants answere without delay and very helpful. Also most reasonably priced. Ramesh Shah Really quick and excellent customer service. Call gets answered quickly. My Tello Dashboard SIM Activity Order History My Information Activate SIM Blog About Us News Offers Tutorials Support Coverage Keep your number Phone compatibility Help Center Contact Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions Code of Practice Customer Reviews. Oversees a variety of programs for older people and those in need.

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