Best oil for 454 motorhome

See all 15 photos. Hot Rodding is a hobby—not a career—for the vast majority of us. We drool over billet, but settle for cast, and pinch pennies to eek the most out of our performance purchases.

Horsepower per dollar is worth its weight in gold, and with this octane-compatible, horsepower barnstormer of a build, welcome to El Dorado. The interior was decrepit, and the external fiberglass paneling was cracked and rotting. The engine, however, a ci mark IV big-block Chevy, was healthy and showed only 35, miles on the clock.

Behind it was a TH that had been treated to a recent rebuild. As a whole, the RV was an ungainly eyesore. Under the skin, it was a perfect drivetrain donor. While vehicles of this stature aren't the most common or practical platforms out there, Ford, Chevy, and Dodge all offered big blocks for motorhome service. We have seen several make appearances at junkyards over the years, though they do present a much more challenging engine-pull scenario, which we'll attest to firsthand.

Knowing the RV was a lost cause from the get-go, no time was wasted being gentle pulling the engine. Sawzall's buzzed, prybars levered, and cutting torch flames licked away obstacles. Soon the grease-ball of a big-block was out and headed to Westech for a dyno and some mandatory speed parts.

Afterward, it would find a new home between the fenders of a GMC truck project. Smog era big blocks get a bad rap. Their sub But what would the year-old engine crank out on the engine dyno? Though it had a relatively conservative odometer reading of 35, lugging around a multi-ton motorhome isn't an easy life. Westech's Troy Goldie buckled the big-block into the dyno cell and Steve Brul worked the throttle for the first pull. Through the stock Quadrajet carburetor and a set of uncorked dyno headers, the engine delivered an oddly quiet horsepower and whopping lb-ft of torque.

It was definitely healthy and far livelier than expected. But who can leave well-enough alone? The goal wasn't simply to validate a stock RV engine, but to see what kind of grunt was locked inside those cubic inches by installing a better-breathing top end. The kit included gaskets, valvetrain and camshaft, fasteners, and a set of PowerOval as-cast cylinder heads.

That is certainly a significant amount of coin, but feasible for most gearheads with a project car piggy bank, or during tax return season. Brul did note that a dual-plane intake would have likely provided more torque down low without giving up much on the top end due to the engine's planned conservative redline.

The old top end was unceremoniously yanked from the virgin motor revealing carbon-coated, but un-damaged pistons. We cleaned the deck surfaces and laid fresh Felpro gaskets in place. This kit utilized a roller cam ground with degrees of intake duration and of exhaust duration as measured at 0. The lobe separation angle was cut at degrees and valve lift measured 0. Because this engine was not equipped with a cam-stopper plate as some later big-blocks are was necessary to control camshaft endplay.

Brule grabbed a roller thrust bearing from Wetech's parts stores and installed the camshaft, timing chain and sprocket, lifters, and the remainder of the valvetrain. The intake was then bolted in place and the factory HEI distributor reused. We opted to borrow one of Westech's Holley Ultra HP carbs because of the tuning-parts on hand, but in theory the Quadrajet, with its plus cfm, could have be reused. With the engine buttoned up, it spun the dyno once more, recording horsepower and lb-ft of torquea horsepower improvement over stock!See all 5 photos.

I have a complete running big-block Chevy truck chassis with all the components. What would be the cheapest and most direct route to wake this engine up? I'm looking more for torque than big horsepower. I know this was the low point on the performance scale but was too good of a deal to pass up.

It has a Turbo and 4. A truck was typically factory-rated hp at 4, rpm and lb-ft of torque at 2, rpm. These are SAE J "net" power ratings, a more conservative test standard than SAE J typically used to rate traditional muscle-car engines and even now still the standard for "hot-rod" and racing engine dyno-testing. Assuming the engine is stock, the key bottleneck is a weak 8. Low-compression mills don't respond well to big "hot rod" cams, and you want to concentrate on torque anyway. Instead, wake-up this low-compression engine by building some cylinder pressure.

The cheapest and most direct way to accomplish that is by installing a high-torque "RV" hydraulic flat-tappet cam. Available from just about everyone, so-called RV cams are designed to maximize low-end performance with wide lobe separation angles and short durations compared to typical hot rod cams. Although duration at 0. At this level, you can slide by with the stock valvesprings if they're in good shape. Be sure run a good break-in oil with plenty of zinc ZDDP additive. After break-in, run a high-zinc hot rod type oil like Lucas's 20W hotrod blend.

Do you have more coin to spend? If the bottom-end isn't tired and you want to make some serious numbers albeit with some low-end losses; there's no free lunchconsider a top-end kit built around a hydraulic-roller cam and aluminum cylinder heads.

Using this package, a 35,mile RV take-out low-compression stocker made hp and lb-ft on Westech Performance's engine dyno, a gain of hp and 45 lb-ft over the engine's stock baseline of hp and lb-ft. These numbers are corrected under the more liberal SAE J "hot-rod" standard test procedure.

See the URL below for further info on this top-end swap. Ask Marlan a Tech Question pitstop hotrod. Close Ad. Marlan Davis Author. Lobe centerline int. Lobe separation angle Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.And when it comes to older engines, it helps to choose the right brand of motor oil. It all boils down to the actual formula.

High-mileage motor oils are engineered with more cleaning and conditioning agents. This helps to remove sludge and prevents the accumulation of thick deposits. High-mileage formulas typically contain viscosity modifiers to prevent oil breakdown. Even older motors are operating under extremely light tolerances.

As the engine ages, the seals, gaskets, rings, and other non-metal parts also begin to decay. This is why high-mileage oils contain higher and richer levels of conditioning agents. The formula restores and rejuvenates the various seals and gaskets in the motor to prevent small oil leaks from getting worse.

Valvoline also has a full-synthetic, high-mileage blend. But the synthetic blend is more affordable while offering almost the same level of protection. The oil is formulated with a thick and durable layer of anti-wear film to prevent engine breakdown.

It literally coats worn-out moving parts to offer better wear protection in tougher driving conditions. The oil also has premium seal conditioners to help seal existing leaks and prevent small leaks from getting bigger.

Meanwhile, Valvoline infused superior antioxidants to resist oil breakdown. Valvoline High Mileage Synthetic Blend is formulated with MaxLife technology using a careful blend of synthetic oil and premium base oil. Buy from Amazon Along with a healthy blend of friction modifiers, anti-wear additives, and seal conditioning agents, Valvoline High Mileage will clean and rejuvenate your big-block.

Royal Purple HMX is not the cheapest high-mileage motor oil in this list. Royal Purple motor oil has a deep purple color, which is unique among other engine oils in the market today. This allows the oil to protect against wear while restoring lost engine performance. Additionally, Synerlec technology features an ionic attraction to metal parts.By daleMarch 11, in Engines.

It's unlikely that you need a synthetic almost no one really does but you should find out what the engine manufacturer recommends and use that blend. That is NOT what my last van recommended and not what my RV requires and not what my generator requires.

Find out what should be used and use that. Synthetics claim extended oil change intervals but if you check with a manufacturers warranty the oil change intervals are not changed whether you use regular or synthetic.

The only thing that changes is that you paid a whole bunch more. I just sold my 86 Mallard with a I used synthetic blend from Firestone. It is Kendall. You will be able to leave a comment after signing in. Engines Search In. Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted March 11, Should I change to synthetic? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Guest BillAdams. Thanks for info-- no owners manual will call Chev going to install oil temp gauge.

Thanks for the rapid response. I use that oil in the last 4 vehicles with no problem. Please sign in to comment You will be able to leave a comment after signing in Sign In Now.Manufactured by Chevrolet, the cubic-inch big-block V-8 is a workhorse used in a multitude of applications.

The reliability and high torque made it an ideal choice for everything from light duty trucks, to SUVs and motorhomes.

best oil for 454 motorhome

In its current displacement capacity, the engine debuted in It has since received several refreshes and updates through the years, allowing it to stay competitive and meet the expectations of demanding buyers. It is also customizable, making it highly tunable for different configurations and vehicles. This 7. Horsepower output varied slightly and was application specific, but typically count on hp to hp, with torque slightly higher, coming in at lb.

best oil for 454 motorhome

The large bore and stroke made the vast majority of power available just off idle, enabling it to be a very capable towing and RV platforms. The motor is normally aspirated, meaning it does not rely on turbos or supercharging, contributing to the excellent low-rpm torque characteristics.

It is fuel injected and runs on regular unleaded gas. A popular choice for recreation vehicles, the Chevy found its home in motor-homes, although it was never originally designed for that purpose. The volume of engines produced, vast parts availability and relatively cheap cost made the transplant extremely attractive.

454 Build Time lapse

In the engine was typically found in a long list of Chevrolet pickup trucks, Vans and SUVs, including the popular C truck series, as well as the GMC Suburban line of full-size sport utility vehicles. Many reputable engine builders offer turnkey solutions based on the Chevy for a number of vehicles.

Given the volume of engines produced based on this platform, builders offer a comprehensive warranty program. Expect at least a five-year or ,mile warranty. This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Works, contact us. Finding Your Engine Many reputable engine builders offer turnkey solutions based on the Chevy for a number of vehicles. References HiPerformer.

best oil for 454 motorhome

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Best Oil for 454 Motorhome – Keep that big block engine purring!

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Bolt-On 230+ Horsepower to a 454ci Motor Home Big-Block

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Specifications for the 1988 454 RV Engine

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