Wwitv kurdish

Share on:. Manoto HD. BBC Persian. Caltex TV. EBC1 TV.

wwitv kurdish

Ayeneh TV. AMG TV. Israel Pars TV. TIN TV. AFN TV. MBC Persia. Pars TV. Iran International. Didgah TV. Radio Farda TV. Irane Farda. Persiana TV. Mihan TV. Simaye Azadi. TV Azadi.

wwitv kurdish

Dorr TV. Iran Aryaee. Canada Star TV. Parnian TV. Omide Iran. Parsiland TV. Bazme Asheghan. Persian Bazar. ITC TV. Royal Time TV. Shabakeh 7. Nejat TV. Omid Javedan. Sat7 Pars. Mohabat TV. Payame Aramesh.The first national television channel is TRT 1which was introduced in Color television was introduced in Back then it was the only channel with the name of TRT 1, and it broadcast in several times of the dateline.

Turkey 's first private television channel Star started it broadcast on 26 May Analogue terrestrial television broadcasting will discontinue 16 April Until the s, there was only one television channel controlled by the state, but with the wave of liberalization, privately owned broadcasting began. Inthe platform's name was changed as DigiFun Club, but it was short lived before became defunct.

It held the rights to the latest movie premieres, series and especially sports such as the Turkish Football League. Digiturk has the rights of airing the main sports live coverage in Turkey with its channel Lig TV. Digiturk is transmitted to the air via Eutelsat 7 East satellite with the usage of Turksat 42 East satellite. There are options with its own receiver or the subscription with module and card for Eutelsat 7. Digiturk recently [ when?

Middle Eastern theatre of World War I

Turkey's second digital platform is D-Smart owned by the Dogan Holding. D-Smart uses Turksat 42 East for the transmissions. Turkey's cable television introduced in Cable television launched Turkey in KabloTV is expected to carry out new television channels more than in the following months of KabloTV broadcasts via the cable network around the country but it is not available largely which blocks the system from reaching every part of the land.

As ofcable TV infrastructure availabled 24 provinces. Turkey analogue terrestrial television will be terminated in 16 April at without digital terrestrial television transition. Turkey will terminated becomes second European countries, following Switzerland terminated terrestrial television in 3 June Analogue satellite broadcasting has been terminated TRT 1 and Cine5 television channel. But, missing cable TV infrastructure in nationwide. There is no analogue cable TV switchoff date yet.

Turkey's digital terrestrial television experimental started since 28 August from Bilkent University. Ankara Dikmen 1,5kW digital transmitter started test broadcasting in 1 December From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikimedia list article. See also: List of television networks by country. Television portal. List of cable television companies List of television networks by country List of fictional television stations Television channel frequencies.

List of television stations in Asia. Book Category Asia portal. List of television stations in Countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. Kitts and Nevis St. Lucia St. Culture and society in the Spanish Colonial Americas. Dependencies not included. Semi-autonomous territories are in italics. Television stations in North America. NL Oax. Roo SLP Sin. TV stations by channel number. Additional resources on North American television. Mexican networks Local Mexican TV stations.

List of television stations in Oceania. Cook Islands Niue. Coaxial cable Fiber-optic communication optical fiber Free-space optical communication Molecular communication Radio waves wireless Transmission line data transmission circuit telecommunication circuit.

Space-division Frequency-division Time-division Polarization-division Orbital angular-momentum Code-division.Toggle navigation. TV channels from Kurdistan-Iraq. Channel Name Information. Gali Kurdistan Sat is the official spokesman of patriotic union of the Kurdistan party.

It is the first Kurdish News Channel. Their team of journalists and technicians at K24 will strive for the highest possible standards.

Watch Elsharq TV channel live stream Egypt مشاهدة قناة الشرق المصرية بث مباشر

The goal of K24 is to become the benchmark for a new journalism throughout the region. The channel is headquartered in Sulaimaniya. It began broadcasting in and it was the first Kurdish satellite station in Kurdistan. It broadcasts news, TV series and informative programs. Afghanistan Television, is based in Irvine, California. The television station seeks to be a service to the Afghan people and the world in general, providing them with information, connecting them to events happening around the world and entraining them with top notch programs.

It offers mainly news and informative programming. Rudaw also publishes a privatly owned online newspaper. Gali Kurdistan Sat Kurdish.

K24 Kurdish. K24 is a News TV channel offering free and rapid access to unbiased information. KNN Channel Kurdish. Kurdistan TV Kurdish.

Kurdmax Kurdish. SATV or Sada. Rudaw TV Kurdish. Speda TV Arabic. Sterk TV Kurdish.Share on:. Manoto HD. BBC Persian. Caltex TV. EBC1 TV. Ayeneh TV. AMG TV. Israel Pars TV. TIN TV. AFN TV. MBC Persia. Pars TV. Iran International. Didgah TV. Radio Farda TV. Irane Farda. Persiana TV. Mihan TV. Simaye Azadi. TV Azadi. Dorr TV. Iran Aryaee.

Live: Trump to make statement about conflict between Turkey and Kurds in Syria

Canada Star TV. Parnian TV. Omide Iran. Parsiland TV. Bazme Asheghan. Persian Bazar. ITC TV. Royal Time TV. Shabakeh 7. Nejat TV. Omid Javedan. Sat7 Pars. Mohabat TV. Payame Aramesh.Multimedia Videos. View All. The Anfal files: 'You are Kurds. You are troublemakers. The Anfal files: 'People were calling it the end'.

Asaad Shkur Ghafur speaks of his family's experience fleeing the violence of The Anfal files: survivors recount the genocide. Rudaw has collected the testimonies of several survivors to be released in a A day in the life of a Bangladeshi migrant cleaner in locked-down Erbil. Shuhang relies on video calls to stay in contact with the wife and baby From Baghdad to Beijing, Berlin and beyond, city centers have been left Crops planted before the lockdown are now at risk of rotting in the ground, In case you missed it Middle East.

Policeman arrested for sexual assault in Kirkuk. Fate of three kidnapped Yezidi women in Afrin remains unclear. Crammed in filthy cells, political prisoners fear infection. US-led coalition will still partner with Iraqi, Kurdish security forces despite base transfers : officials.

Duhok town placed under quarantine after confirming first coronavirus case.The combatants were, on one side, the Ottoman Empire including Kurds and some Arab tribeswith some assistance from the other Central Powers ; and on the other side, the British with the help of JewsGreeksAssyrians and the majority of the Arabs, along with Indians under its empirethe Russians with the help of Armenians and the French from among the Allied Powers.

Both sides used local asymmetrical forces in the region. On the Allied side were Arabs who participated in the Arab Revolt and the Armenian militia who participated in the Armenian Resistance during the Armenian Genocide ; along with Armenian volunteer unitsthe Armenian militia formed the Armenian Corps of the First Republic of Armenia in In addition, the Assyrians joined the Allies following the Assyrian genocideinstigating the Assyrian war of independence.

Russian participation in the theatre ended as a result of the Armistice of Erzincan 5 Decemberafter which the revolutionary Russian government withdrew from the war under the terms of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk 3 March The main objective of the Ottoman Empire in the Caucasus was the recovery of its territories that had been lost during the Russo-Turkish War —in particular ArtvinArdahanKarsand the port of Batum.

Success in this region would force the Russians to divert troops from the Polish and Galician fronts. German advisors with the Ottoman armies supported the campaign for this reason. From an economic perspective, the Ottoman, or rather German, strategic goal was to cut off Russian access to the hydrocarbon resources around the Caspian Sea. The bureau was involved in intelligence-gathering and subversive missions to Persia and Egypt, [18] and to Afghanistan, [ citation needed ] to dismantle the Anglo-Russian Entente.

If these nations were to be removed from Western influence, Enver envisioned a cooperation between these newly established Turkic states.

Enver's project conflicted with European interests which played out as struggles between several key imperial powers. The Germans hoped to seize the Canal for the Central Powers, or at least to deny the Allies use of the vital shipping route. The British feared that the Ottomans might attack and capture the Middle East and later Caspian oil fields.

Oxford historian and Conservative MP J. Marriott summarizes the British debates on strategy for the Near East and Balkan theatre:. They feared a campaign into the Caucasus aimed at retaking Kars which had been taken from the Ottoman Empire during the Russo-Turkish War —and the port of Batum. The Russian Imperial government planned to replace the Muslim population of Northern Anatolia and Istanbul with more reliable Cossack settlers. The Armenian national liberation movement sought to establish an Armenian state within the Armenian Highlands.

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation achieved this goal later in the war, with the establishment of the internationally recognized First Republic of Armenia in May As early asthe Administration for Western Armenia and later Republic of Mountainous Armenia were Armenian-controlled entities, while the Centrocaspian Dictatorship was established with Armenian participation.

None of these entities were long lasting. The principal actor was King Hussein as head of the Kingdom of Hejaz. He led what is now called the Arab revoltthe principal objectives of which were self-rule and an end to Ottoman control of the region. Based on these representations, the Assyrians of Hakkari, under their Mar Shimun XIX Benjamin and the Assyrian tribal chiefs "decided to side with the Allies, first with Russia, and next with the British, in the hope that they might secure after the victory, a self-government for the Assyrians.

The Kurds hoped that the Allies of World War I would aid them in creating an independent Kurdish nation if they were to fight against the Ottomans, and undertook several uprisings throughout the war. Most of these, except for the uprisings of Augustwere not supported by any of the allied powers. The warfare on land was accompanied by actions undertaken by the Russian Navy in the Black Sea region of the Ottoman Empire. On 23 Februarythe Russian advance was halted following the Russian Revolutionand later the disintegrated Russian Caucasus Army was replaced by the forces of the newly established Armenian state, which comprised the previous Armenian volunteer units and the Armenian irregular units.

During the region also saw the establishment of the Central Caspian Dictatorship, the Republic of Mountainous Armenia, and an Allied force named Dunsterforce which was composed of elite troops drawn from the Mesopotamian and Western Fronts. The Ottoman Empire and German Empire fought each other at Batumi after the arrival of the German Caucasus Expedition whose prime aim was to secure oil supplies. However, the armed conflicts extended as the Ottoman Empire continued to engage with the Central Caspian Dictatorship, Republic of Mountainous Armenia, and British Empire forces from Dunsterforce until the Armistice of Mudros was signed on 30 October Over 90, Ottoman troops were sent to the Eastern European Front into participate in operations in Romania in the Balkans Campaign.

The Central Powers asked for these units to support their operations against the Russian army. Later, it was concluded that the deployment was a mistake, as these forces would have been better placed remaining to protect Ottoman territory against the massive Erzerum Offensive that the Russian army had begun.

The relocation of troops to the Eastern European Front was initiated by Enver. It was originally rejected by the German Chief of Staff, Erich von Falkenhaynbut his successor, Paul von Hindenburgagreed to it, albeit with reservations.

wwitv kurdish

The decision was reached after the Brusilov Offensiveas the Central Powers were running short of men on the Eastern Front. The VI Corps took part in the collapse of the Romanian army in the Romanian Campaignand were particularly valued for their ability to continue a high rate of advance in harsh winter conditions.

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